Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bush Visits Atlanta

Specifically he came to the Cumberland/Galleria area to talk to the Georgia
Public Policy Foundation.

Went for a walk around the perimeter about 30 mins prior to the event so I
could check on the 'circus'.

Cobb County Police had pulled old cruisers out of mothballs and had plenty
of manpower on hand to deal w/ traffic and what not.

Had the Fire Department on call too, checking things out, testing water,
etc. . .

Lots of blue lights. Lots of traffic being rerouted in the business
complex. That's one reason I came early. That and to claim my reserved
parking spot before someone else did. Couple of K-9's.

Protesters from Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition were supposedly
present. They were camped across the street of the main intersection to the
complex to be in sight of the TV cameras - their main audience. Saw about
20 folks with signs. Mostly handmade - "Impeach Bush", "Admit You Failed",
and a fabric sign stretched between a PVC frame that was giving them
trouble during set up.

Saw one of them question the cops about where they were supposed to be.
Nice and non-confrotational.