Sunday, April 09, 2006

Exercising Demons

Well my intrepid followers, I'm back. If you missed the world-wide ( Mississippi Delta to Georgian Hinterlands) tour, I'm sorry. I wish I could go someplace more exciting like some people

Went outside to exercise my demons. Got out the garden scythe and practiced my golf swing on my crop of daisies. My once a year golf pilgramage is fast approaching. Figured swinging a heavy tool would work the appropriate muscles and work off any of frustration from any of my three family trips this past week.

While working on the front porch, trying to prevent more erosion around one of the footings, I discovered a yeller jacket burrow. Thankfully, I was quickly done with my business and was able to stand back and observe the 20-odd flying demons and try to figure out where I'd gone wrong. All so I can go back and finish the job once and for all. Think a gallon of gasoline and a match would do the trick? Hmmm. How dry is my house....

Not much to pick up in the yard now that the two local tornados blew everything away. Now some poor neighbor will have to clean up my yard trash. Nice of nature to take care of that bit o' business for us.

Anyway, it's nice to be home and back at 'work'.