Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wish Us Well! MRI Down, Follow Up w/ Doc

Well, the Mongrel Mistress had her MRI yesterday. Today we take the films to the Neuro Opthamologist for our follow up.

While much of the pain has subsided, my wife still has vision issues in her eye. She's got double vision, and a lack of clarity in the affected eye.

We'd hoped the steroid treatment would have fixed everything, but it hasn't. Don't know if we need to be more patient, or if the treatment was as successful as anticipated.

Basically, we're frustrated, emotionally exhausted, etc...

And yesterday, my son picked the time ot play hide-n-seek in the morning hours before school. We couldn't find him. Not fair considering that my love has poorer eyesight now.


MRI was negative for any major complications. So, all we 'have' to do is sit around and wait. Not an easy thing to do. If, in a couple of weeks, things aren't better, we'll return for more medication. Joy. But, thankfully the best scenario - short of everything becoming normal tomorrow - was envisioned. We don't do well with the 'hurry up and wait' routine.