Saturday, February 25, 2006

Outsourcing: Awesome IT News

Via Jason at Counter Column, A 'phenomenon' called Farmshoring is taking root within our borders.

Instead of outsourcing to India, place your IT Call Center in rural America, (or why not small cities like Macon or Augusta?) that need good paying jobs, but can be paid less than what a worker in Silcon Valley or NY would go for. Part of that is the reason I have job in Atlanta. My company is located here and our wages are less than your typical West Coast development center.

I for one would like to work remotely in rural America as long as I've got a broadband connection and access to cable TV that'll net me some prime international soccer matches. Sorry ESPN2, I love you but, you don't meet my requirements for my addiction often enough.

I would happily relocate north of the Gnat Line, say somewhere in the Ga Mountains or the Piedmont and push the company's bits around for less money. I don't have to work in a tall shiny tower of glass that costs us an arm and a leg to lease, not to mention, it's barely adequate in meeting the infrastructure needs for an IT workshop.

I plan to talk more about outsourcing, especially as it involves my company, but haven't taken the time nor had the energy to devote to it.

Stay tuned.

(Edit - Outsoucing. Is that like going out for drinks and getting soused? Spelling corrected. My spelling wench was tied up and unavailabe for proofing duties at the original time of publishing.)