Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Got Gas?

Heating bills could rise under a bill approved in the (Georgia) House on Wednesday that would allow Atlanta Gas Light Co. to build a $300 million natural gas pipeline and bill customers pay for it.

I like the idea of a second gas line in the effect that we'd have a 'back-up' pipe line in case of any emergency. And, I assume that building of the new line will not begin today, therefore our gas rates won't rise just yet, during this difficult, post-Katrina, winter.

Hopefully, more gas supply in Georgia would pull prices down in Georgia, whose consumers tend to pay above the price of their Southern neighbors, but close to the average.

High heating costs have become a hot political topic this session. The first bill signed into law by Gov. Sonny Perdue this year slashed the state sales tax in half for a modest savings of about $6 on a $300 bill. Gas prices in Georgia have begun to creep back down. But critics say they remain among the highest in the nation.