Saturday, February 11, 2006

Black History Month

Took the Mongrel Daughter to a Thrashers Hockey game the other day. It was 'diversity' day and we got to meet and get a picture taken with the wonderful Willie O'Ree of Boston Bruins fame. Heard him speak of his experiences (blind in one-eye and facing racial harassemnt - in the North & Canada of all places!) and implore that the young ones get their education (that implies that the parents see to it too).

My daughter plays roller-hockey in a local league. Boy, I never thought I'd see that day. Sure, I figured I'd watch her play soccer, softball or *sigh* gymnastics or something. But Hockey? Never.

We had a wonderful time watching the Thrashers with her teammates. I couldn't help but notice that the young players represented there were from various ethnicities. A friend of ours even got to drop the puck at the start of the game. Another rode the zamboni prior to the third period. In the end, we saw a goal fest as the Thrashers won 6-4.

We also saw a bright future. Black, hispanic and white kids... playing (roller) hockey together... in Atlanta.

I'm still hoping to get my daughter firmly into soccer though. ;)