Thursday, January 19, 2006

Executive Crapper Quotient

I'm a bit wrangler in an IT company here in Atlanta. I work in a nice building, a tall office building full of cube farms. We've got six other wranglers in our programming posse and we share a floor with about 150 other wranglers and Indians.

I can't speak for the cowgirls, but the men have a small bathroom. Two sit downs and a matching pair of stand ups. Let's just double that for the 150 people. So roughly 8 johns for 160 programmers on the prairie for a quotient of .05.

Went on the hunt this morning for an abandoned bathroom cubicle. Gave up and sallied up to the top floor, four levels higher. Why? Well, for starters, the toilet paper is folded just so. And they have 4 sit downs, with a solid wooden door and very private cubicles. So private that the only opening is the little gap at the bottom of the real door.

The denizens of the executive suite have four awesome sitdowns and four porcelain ponies in the bathroom for cowboy. For the ladies, let's be nice and give them 8 stalls too though it's likely just 6. That's 16 for about 40 people (and that's likely an overestimate of citizens). Gives dandy denizens an Executive Crapper Quotient of .4.

That's 8 times better than the programming peons.

I'm not really complaining as I get to share. I'm sure that's not the case elsewhere. Also, our board room/company auditorium are on that floor, so maybe the extra bathroom cubicles are necessary.

So, what's your Executive Crapper Quotient?