Monday, December 05, 2005

Catch up...

Been busy.

Painting, entertaining, being entertained, cooking, eating, traveling.

Princess had a 'solo' at church last night. Did very well. Didn't act silly or embarassed which has become her M.O. as of late. She could be very good if she wanted to be. We'll see.

My boy is becoming quite the artist. Did a wonderful crayon on paper piece titled, "Jesus in a manger at night".

Local news -
PETA sent a topless mermaid to the opening of the Georgia Acquairium. Something about how wrong it was to imprison the animals after taking them from their natural habitat. We could eat them I guess. I>hear there's even a top notch restaurant inside. Filet of beluga anyone?

Ford AND GM appear willing to close their Atlanta plants.

There's been some coverage of the Katrina refugees in Atlanta (not stereotypical - I hope & expect) showing their ungratefulness for what people have been giving them. One lady gave a house to a family and it was trashed.

New Orleans Mayor Nagin had a conference with his citizens this past week about them returning to their 'homes'. He's not keen on losing his voters - as I'd expect any politician would. Needs and wants the 'refugees' back home before they start putting down roots in places like Atlanta. But like many of them argued, where do they go once they get back in New Orleans? They have no water/electricity at their old locations and if you're not a home owner, you have nowhere to put your FEMA trailer. (I think FEMA is creating trailer cities as temporary residences for non-property owners. Seen this elsewhere.)

Bought my first artificial Christmas tree. We were planning to go out of town for the holidays and didn't want to leave a dead one in the house alone. Plans have changed since then. Oh well!

Saw my first anti-war rally-protest on the street corner of Lenox and Peachtree. "End the War Now" "God Forgive Us" and the usual slogans of the leftists. They were seen but basically ignored. In their favor, they seemed to be well behaved, just standing on the corner holding a large, 40 yard long x 4 ft high banner around one corner and waving signs. Gonna have to get me a digicam.

My shopping is basically done. Need to mail those christmas cards. Decorated the holiday, er... Christmas tree. Local celebrity (not so local anymore) had a rant on the radio about Lowe's selling Holiday Trees. Enough people complained that Lowe's altered it's signage, even in England according to the interview I heard on the radio.

And finally, the last remaining American on dial-up converted to a high-speed internet connection. That's right, my shanty now has 'round the clock, frog-chokin', technicolor internet.

Strange experience getting it though. Tried to apply for it via my age old Earthlink account but the web interface was busted. Called up a homo-sapien and got it all set up only to find out after the fact that the conversion was cancelled due to our phone company not working with Earthlink DSL. No where in the conversion process was I asked about or provided a list of suitable land-line providers. Bad Earthlink. Bye-bye Earthlink. So...

Went to a Circuit City to buy a magic box that'd make me a world-wide traveller via cable internet, only to be told that I couldn't buy the merchandise. I wasn't good enough apparently and had to sign up to become a cable customer or some such nonsense. The good cashier tried her best to help me out while I laughed at the whole situation. Explained that I'm already a cable TV watcher and I just wanted this doo-hickey to help me use it for accessing the internet. "I've got the cable already. Now I want to upgrade the 'account' to use the internet. I don't need a second cable account." No sale...

Got what I needed via RadioShack/Home Depot. Called the cable company up and voila! Kewl! I can now crash my computer in a tenth of the time I used to do it!

Slow internet users, keep to the right.