Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thanksgiving Porcupines for Lunch

Took a little walk to my son's school today. They were having the school Thanksgiving feast. It was a wonderful walk. Clouds keeping the sun at bay but threatening rain. Their air currents showering me with leaf bomblets as I transited the parking lot.

I sat down and had lunch with my son and his class in the cafeteria. They offered two entrees today, cheese pizza or turkey. In honor of the presence of tax paying citizens dining in with their beloved offspring, the school actually cooked the meals on site today. Usually, the meals are premade, frozen and trucked in to the school all in the name of $aving$.

Anyway, for a school lunch, I'd give it an A. Course, I grew up eating the dreck and rarely ever turned my nose up at what the cafeteria offered. Your mileage will likely vary.

Had a side of beans and cinnamon loaded sweet potatoes - don't tell my mother, I normally don't do sweet potatoes and if she found out I prefered the school's version over her's, well.... the cornbread dressing was nice too. And as usual, with any Thanksgiving Dinner, there's likely to be a shortage of cranberry jelly/sauce.

After lunch, we visited the class and my son showed me the book they were reading, 'A Thanksgiving Turkey For Dinner'. He had to point out one of his favorite characters to me, a pokey-pine. :D

I often think back to how I remember life at my son's age. Wonder where the years have gone. My 'good' knee aches. They still use those old wooden blocks. The halls don't seem cavernous now that I've grown up.

One thing hasn't changed from when I was his age.

I still cut my own hair.