Sunday, November 20, 2005

Atlanta Scene

The world's largest aquarium opens this week in Atlanta, Georgia - greater than 8 million gallons, 100,000 animals among 500 different species.

That's the big news around here.

That and UGA clinched the SEC East title and will face LSU in the SEC finals.

Georgia Tech beat #3 Miami in Miami, FL. last night.

This sets up a wonderful matchup between the two instate rivals.

Long time local tech firm Scientific-Atlanta was bought out by Cisco.

Also, paper products giant Georgia Pacific was bought out by Koch Industries.

Delta's bankruptcy is still being fought out in the courts. The pilots are rightfully trying to get everything the feel they deserve, but they'll get no sympathy from me. The jugde in the case remarked that Delta might not have needed to cut pilot pay so much had they not undertaken a stock buyback program that cost the company 2 billion - I believe that's right. So Delta has done some things that will make it harder to get outta bankruptcy, and will create more hardship on it's employees, but what's done is done. If the two sides want to avoid the judge deciding what happens, they had better get together and come to terms.