Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina vs. the Survivors

I'm glad Katrina wasn't as bad as advertised. But she was bad enough. And I can easily imagine things getting much worse. Looks like the military is getting involved too. Hopefully that'll help speed up the now mandatory evacuation of New Orleans and save the stranded citizens.

Everytime I see images on the TV about Katrina's aftermath, I'm shocked by the images of hurricane refugees in New Orleans. Been watching the coverage this afternoon on Fox of Mr. Shepphard on top of a freeway overpass.

There aren't many outdoors types or people with survival training visible in the images. Some veteran with survival training could educate these folks on things to do. These people need hope, direction, shelter and sustenance.

These stranded victims need fresh water first of all. I'd love to see an airlift of those fuel bladders full of water dropped on the dry heights of N.O. until the people can get transport out.

Maybe the citizens will get lucky and have a small shower drop fresh water on them. What'll they have on hand to collect the stuff? Somebody had designed individual/personal water filters to distribute to third world citizens. Well, New Orleans could use train loads of that right now.

At lot of N.O. housing is made of wood. Surely wood and can be found floating or claimed from buildings to be used for fires once it's stacked and dries out on the overpass. Fires could be used to boil the reachable water if anyone thought to bring any pots.

For that matter, go collect all the beer that can be found. It may be warm, but it's sterile. It'll keep the little kids hydrated at least.

How 'bout building / erecting shelter to avoid the sun?

I bet Zip-loc bags are priceless too for keeping precious valuables dry when puddle jumping.

Have we become such a fast food and disposable society that we can't subsist without our shrinkwrapped packages of Aquafina and prepared food?

Anyone else have any simple ideas for the survivors?

Please God, watch over these people and the people trying to help them.