Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I no longer wear a watch on a regular basis. And listening to Atlanta's favorite cheapskate, Clark Howard, on the radio this afternoon confirmed what I'd been thinking for years. Many people are forgoing watches.

I don't need one. I have a clock on my cellphone, visible when closed. I work in an IT environment and always have a clock on my PC to refer to. Then there's a clock in the car and the clocks in my house. Not to mention the myriad of television monitors or billboards I pass in my daily life that have a clock present.

This trend is even more prevalent among teenagers, who in a report cited by Clark Howard, largely eschew the wrist clock. Why should they bother? They are forever attached to their texting device of choice, which undoubtedly comes with a clock...

Older folks however, still can't leave the house without them.

The only reason I use a watch? For exercise or sporting events.