Tuesday, June 05, 2007

No Guns at VBS

The organizers of my church's vacation bible school have gone over the deep end.

It turns out that in printing up the colored shirts for the week long program, they used a font that made the zeros in 2007 look too much like the business end of a gun barrel.

Panic, mayhem and hand wringing ensued. We can't have that.

This year's Vaction Bible School theme? "Avalanche Ranch." Cowboys. The wild wild west. That'll never happen again I'm sure.

Next up, removing all 'L's from our VBS alphabet. Then maybe the O's and 0's too. Not to mention the always dangerous, double-barrelled '8'.

Gun 'education' seems to have fallen into the same trap as sex education. If we don't talk about it, and just teach abstienence, not to mention if prevent learning about it, we won't have any problems related to it.

So, just in time for our annual beach trip, I've requisitioned two new water guns for my kids. And I'm resealing my old trusty supersoaker. Not to mention last night at church, I taught my daughter how to shoot a rubber band with her fingers using the 'gun' technique.