Monday, June 25, 2007

AH! I'm MOLTing!

Where, oh where, has my humidity gone?

The recent drought here in Georgia (and Bama-lama) is torturing the region in many ways.

The least of which I'm sure are my personal issues with it.

But geez! We usually get 80% humidity at least. The latitude at which I reside, is normally dominated by desert/arid regions around the rest of the globe. Frequent hurricanes making landfall nearby and upswells of warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico colliding with colder air from Canada usually ensure that we get our fair share of moisture.

Things just haven't followed true to plan lately though. Blame the hypocritical eco-celebs/pols and their G5s I guess. Last night, while talking to my mother, I checked the weather and noticed that our humidity was in the 50's. Currently, it's only 61%.

Unreal. Atypical.

My nose is 'toast'.

But it does give me an excuse to rub the Mrs. down in lubricant. ;)