Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Weird Boy, Alton Brown

Favorite show?

He loves watching Alton Brown with us.

In fact he just plopped down in our bedroom, nonchalantly ignoring that we sent him to bed half an hour ago, to watch the latest episode of Good Eats.

Which reminds me. I was watching his show Feasting on Asphalt the other night. Saw the funniest thing on TV since seeing snippets of Conan O'brien doing the Emmys. They were in California tasting 'cop food' and they talked about how pepper bullets fired from paint pellet riot guns are nothing more than pure Capsicum. Alton crushes one on the asphalt and hilarity ensues when he and his buddies take a taste/whiff of the busted ammunition. Their reactions were a riot, and the next one couldn't seem to resist giving the awful stuff a try.

Kind of like finding that rancid milk/formula bottle in the back of your car and going, "Whoa honey! Take a whiff of this!"