Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Good News - I can fit (barely) into a suit that I last wore 10 years ago.

Bad News - The moths liked the taste of it.

The Ugly - I'm still overweight according to the ole BMI P.O.S. Heck, body builders are overweight according to that.

Used to date a girl who was obsessed with her 'weight'. Literally. She worked out, but didn't want to add muscle mass as that would make her too heavy.

In other news. . .

Ernesto spit on Atlanta last night. Numerous folks without power on the other side of town.

Been a lot of air traffic around Dobbins Air Force Reserve Base the last 24hours. Just got buzzed by a couple of light jet aircraft. All last night, the C-130s were buzzing around from the West to the air base.

Wonder what logistics are enroute to which destination.