Saturday, August 12, 2006

Racism Alive and Well - Where it Thrives

I don't care that I'm the only white male in my subdivision. I don't give a hoot that my local representatives are black and the my daughter's best friends are asian and black. I don't discriminate where I spend my money based on who owns or operates a business. I don't vote against anyone based on the color of their skin.

Some people will. Bigotry will always exist. And technically we are not talking about racism here. It's regarding black vs white politics as openly discussed by competing black candidates.

The following from online magazine, Black America (hattip to Peach Pundit) is disgusting :
“Even during the days of slavery, the slave master always had his puppet,” Brooks said, accusing Johnson of willingly receiving support from GOP loyalists intent on unseating McKinney.

“George Bush and his Republican machine are working diligently to defeat Cynthia just as they did four years ago,” Brooks said, referring to McKinney’s loss to Denise Majette. “That’s the just the trials and tribulations of being a true black leader. Anytime you speak up for the black community, you’re going to have your enemies. You can expect opposition to come.”

This fella, Mr. Brooks, a longtime member of the Georgia House of Representatives who spent much of the election finding votes for McKinney, is really just upset that he and his friend aren't the ones receiving the white man's money. Case in point, Brooks says "He’ll feel no pride in Johnson’s moving on to the Democratic nomination at McKinney’s expense." The word expense is doubly appropriate here.

I'm guilty of politically based bigotry. I didn't get to vote in McKinney's election. But I'd question where she gets her money from. After 9/11, McKinney's campaign contributions from outside of Georgia have grown. In contrast election victor Hank Johnson's single page of individual backers reads like a who's who of his district.