Friday, August 11, 2006

Cobb Police Academy Hijinks

A local police academy in Cobb County (NW Atlanta suburbs) dismissed a class of 20 recruits who were accused of cheating on an exam.

Did they bring crib notes? Write on the bottom of their shoes? Steal the answer sheet from the instructor prior to the test?

No. Apparently they collaborated during class.

From the article:
Barney said he shared answers — and so did everyone else. But he does not believe it was cheating.

Louis Barney, formerly of NYC's Dept. of Corrections, said, "Where were we supposed to draw the line? Nothing was made known to us that this type of behavior was unacceptable... It was only after a supervisor came into the room and saw them asking questions. He questioned them and from there it snowballed."

They'd had open book tests previously. But unless your instructor tells you that this is a group test, you don't collaborate. Been like that since elementary school, right?

Shame on the class instructors for not being in the class the whole time to provide directions, but if there is a question about whether or not you can collaborate, the time to clarify that is right before the test is given.

I don't think I want someone that doesn't know where to draw the line to be given the power to 'lawfully' take my life and search my property.

On the other hand, I do want people who will ask questions and ask for help when they don't know the proper procedures or the right thing to do.

But he'd better be asking those questions prior to firing his weapon donchya think?


Apparently this sort of thing is an epidemic.