Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Digital, it even cures cancer,,,

not really. Hollywood relying on digital to save its bottom line.

Hollywood is burning, and its leaders think their consumers need a good fiddling. Don't get me wrong, I think digital medium is awesome and will provide some awfully nifty benefits, solve some age old problems and make the construction of movies more efficient.

But I'm turned off of Hollywood, not because of its analog medium. It's the total suspension of reality (obviously, I'm not discussing Sci-fi), the utter lack of quality writing (aka plot) and dialog, and a seeming reliance upon the wow factor more commonly known as digital special effects to bring in audiences.

Hey, Hollywood makes some awesome color pictures nowadays. But without quality story, dialog and originality, it's nothing more than cool art without a soul.

And while we're on the subject of Cameron's Titanic? A fun little love story, some cool effects, great costumes... but they couldn't spend a dime on getting DiCaprio to learn to talk like a mid 20th century boy from Wisconsin?