Monday, April 17, 2006

Go Back to Europe

This is the first I've heard of the pro-reconquest sentiment "Go Back to Europe" in Atlanta.

A few protesters wore sombreros and held inflatable characters, including a jalapeƱo pepper with a "No amnesty" message. A small group of counterprotesters stood across the street, at least one with a sign reading, "Go Back to Europe."

It's one thing to want to become American. But the Mayan/Aztec descendants have no claim on Georgia. This garbage will turn more of America solidly against any middle of the road compromise. Anyone promoting this message does not want to become American. Pack his arse up in a container box and ship him back to the barrio he came from.

Once again, the anti-immigrant crowd pushed the taxation issue, highlighting a broken tax code.
"Most of us here don't have a problem with legal immigrants," said Newman, a construction contractor. "What we are here for is the illegals that don't pay their taxes."