Friday, February 17, 2006

RetroBulbar Ocular Neuritis

The Mrs. has been fighting with this lately. We'd thought it was a nasty manifestation of a migraine, but with the discovery of a loss of peripheral vision, we ran back to the lab coats for more tests. Got an MRI on the way and likely an IV steroid treatment for most of next week. There goes her Olympic aspirations.

This is only affecting one eye, so we kind of have to walk up and down an aisle at the grocery store twice. Otherwise, we miss a whole half of the aisle. :P

Glad we've got a diagnosis. And a plan. Hated the wild guessing as to what the problem was, if it would ever go away, and how it would be remedied/treated... if left untreated, blindness will result.

Well due to her lack of visual clarity, I've been driving Miss Daisy all week. Happily I might add, despite the inconvenience to my personal desires & schedule.

I figure it just means that she won't be able to keep up with how old, ugly and fat I'm getting in my old age. I'm almost 50% more handsome that I was previously.