Saturday, October 08, 2005

The 'enema Falcon

Language is a funny thing.

We're lazy in our pronunciations. We leave out syllables, make contractions, create jargon, use slang, etc...

Spoken language is an ever evolving form of communication, unless you're the snobbish French. Even then it's a losing battle.

We adapt our 'proper' form of language into something more efficient. Hence the use of words like "y'all", "NASA", "newkular", etc...

From some of my Linguistics training in college, I learned that a number of carribean people pronounce the word 'bumble bee' as 'bumbalabee'.

How could that be more efficient? That involves more letters.

Well, the spoken word has different obstacles than the written word.

A consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel pattern is much easier to orally communicate than a string of consonants. If you properly annunciate the word "bumble", you must clearly express the M-B-L to get it correct. But when speaking, the C-V-C-V pattern gives the tongue a chance to rest in a nuetral position before transitioning to yet another consonant.

All this to say that my boy 'Bubba' has difficulty saying 'Millenium'. Instead he tells everyone, and raising eyebrows as a result, that he has an "M'enema Falcon".