Saturday, October 08, 2005

We Drink Decaf... Why?

Bought the Mrs. a coffee machine with its own grinder one Christmas.

Naturally, we broke it out of it's cardboard prison and put it to good use that morning.

I drink my coffee black with sugar, and fixed me a piping hot cup to sit down and enjoy the Christmas morn with my familiy.

While letting the coffee cool, I turned to helping my chilluns open their gifts and such. After a while, I remembered my coffee and blindly reached back for it. Instead of a hot cup o' java, I got a fistfull of hair.

Repulsed and confused, I turned my head to see what exactly was amiss to find my beloved cat, ears pulled back, nose pushed deep into my mug, draining my coffee dry!

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "My coffee!" The cat looks up at me, licks his chops and goes back for seconds. Unreal.

Needless to say, I let him have his coffee that day, as I was not going to drink after the family furball. I'll do lots of things, but not that. I made myself another cup.

Since then, we pretty much drink decaf just in case.

Oh, and did I mention? My cat also likes to eat coffee beans. They're now our special kitty treats.

Weird kitty. Thank the Coffee Gods for decaf.