Friday, October 21, 2005

Congress Outta Touch?

NO! Really?

They use unpaid interns, give little or no benefits, are given office space, OSHA regs and Overtime don't apply to their staff, laws that apply to everyday businesses don't reach our representatives.

I've often felt that Congress has lost touch with what our business entrepenuers endure on a daily basis. Listening to the radio on my way home during lunch today, I heard a wonderful idea.

Give each individual elected official $2M, period. They must use that to pay their staff, buy supplies, acquire transportation, etc... pay for things and incur the expenses that impact us regular folks in our daily lives. And at the end of their fiscal year, they can have what's left as their salary.

And they must keep track of their expenses like any business would. And then have to file a tax return, like the rest of us serfs. All the while they'll be held accountable to all the laws they've put in place.

It's a start. Any other ideas?

(Hat tip Boortz)