Friday, July 22, 2005

The Crazy Cynthia Circus is Back!

On the day President George W. Bush visited Atlanta to promote alternatives to the Social Security pyramid scam, Cynthis McKinney - the Representative from Decatur, GA - revisits claims that the Bush administration was complicit in the Sept. 11 attacks.

She was voted out of office in 2002 after she first claimed the administration's involvement soon after the attacks. She seems to either be attempting to build political clout among her constituents, among the most liberal in Atlanta, or lookging for more face time on TV. This woman after all is famous for camping out early for a prime seat in all presidential address to Congress and the nation from which she is easily seen on TV in her brilliantly plumed attire. But is that really it?

The eight-hour hearing, timed to mark the first anniversary of the release of the Sept. 11 commission's report on the attacks, drew dozens of contrarians and conspiracy theorists who
suggest President Bush purposely ignored warnings or may even have had a hand in the attack — claims participants said the commission ignored.

The timing of the hearing was more than symbolic. By holding the hearing on the day of a visit by the president to Atlanta, she guaranteed minimal coverage of her statements in press outlets that would easily reach her district.

McKinney also wisely avoided leaving damaging soundbites to be used against her back home.

She rebuffed a reporter's repeated attempts to ask her why she would so boldly embrace the same claims that led to her downfall.

... she left the testimony and questioning of panelists to others, McKinney was the main attraction, presiding over more than two dozen participants...

The main gist of the panel was that the administration "ignored numerous warnings from the CIA, the Federal Aviation Administration, foreign governments and others who told him [Pres. G.W.Bush] before 9/11 that Osama bin Laden was planning to attack the United States and that terrorists were likely to use hijacked airliners as weapons."

I'm gonna have to find it on the internet, but I believe that the first warnings we had of this sort of terrorist plan first arose during the previous administration's tenure. Something about a computer being recovered from a terrorist in the Phillipines I believe.

Putting all blame aside, except for that which rightfully rests with islamic terrorists, intelligence gathering and analysis is an art. Not a science. You are trying to predict human behavior and emotion and as a result, errors and misjudgments are expected. If they really wanted to prevent another 9/11, Cynthia and her minions would best be served by helping us infiltrate, contain and elminate the terrorist threats. Instead, they just have an axe to grind.