Thursday, July 21, 2005

USA to the Gold Cup Finals!

I'm an unapologetic soccer fan folks. The US Men's National Soccer team defeated Honduras in the semi-finals of the US hosted Gold Cup by scoring two goals in the game's final seven minutes. I'm a happy man tonight. And starting for the US tonight was Georgia's own Josh Wolfe.

The team got off to a poor start in my opinion, keep in mind I was dodging thunderstorms and missed much of the first half. It just didn't look like we were anticipating the flow of play offensively. Not to mention that Honduras appeared to 'out hustle' the US. But the guys have learned to keep at it and make their own luck by creating opportunities. John O'Brien was in the right place at the right time to redirect a clearance by a Honduran defender into their net to tie up the game. Then in extra time, Oguchi Onyewu scored the game winner with a well placed header on a free kick from Landon Donovan. Nice come from behind victory guys!