Thursday, July 21, 2005

Reality TV

My idea of reality TV?

Sports, The History Channel, TLC, Discovery and the news.

I'm just not fond of TV media's new obsession. I understand it. It's relatively cheap, none or very little actors fees, viewers seem to be eating it up. I see enough of it watching over my wife's shoulder. I rather be stalking the internet, playing games, cleaning house, cooking dinner, etc...

It's just not me. Granted, like watching an imminent train wreck, I'll find myself watching the spoiled brats sent off to wilderness camp or whatever else the Mrs. has on. Speaking of the aforementioned city-fied brats shanghaied to the western scrub lands, basically mom and dad have pimped their children off to the network in exchange for free wilderness counseling sessions, right?

If I had to chose one reality based show to watch, it'd have to be The Amazing Race on CBS. More competition and less drama I guess.

Unfortunately, even the cable channels, usually owned by a broadcast network nowadays, are getting into the act. My once beloved A&E has gotten into the new fad with such programming as Dog the Bounty Hunter, Growing Up Gotti and Family Plots. A&E used to be a refuge for me when I was looking for cerebral stimulation like Nero Wolfe, Biography or the like. No wonder I'm watching less TV programming.